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Last Updated: December 01, 2008

BAGUIO ride report

SEC 6 riders conquer baguio with mini loop

First and formost, I would like to congratulate SEC for conquering Baguio City, for the successful though partial of its firstever long ride as ONE.

Friday night, riders gathered at petron macapagal where sec will depart on route to baguio highest point area and at exactly 12:45am of Saturday off we go, The midnight ride was so clear as plan running nearly 80 kph on Macarthur to meet up with one of the rider at shell station near sm Valenzuela, I Leibog, apol with Sheryl, genezide with a Honda guest rider, chad_gz, leoj longrider (JOEL) with backride meet up with nepoy at exactly 1:30am and from there commence our journey prayer and as minutes pass by we decided to proceed as plan, the first few kilometers was a ROAD SWEEPER, the cold humid air was a thriller, where leoj ahead of the pack our spearhead for the day and as I the sweeper of the troop with genezide along side. Then as kilometers registering on our ODOMETERS, I noticed genezide was signaling something he lost something, his registration through his lace. So we decided to get back 1 kilometer back to look for it. But it wasn’t there so we get back on track but then I noticed his back area and there was the lace. A false alarm he thought it was missing.

Then at nearly entering malolos bulacan area. Another un expected turn back of the whole ride came at around 3 am Genezide again for the second time encountered something weird on his bike, as if losing power, at first I noticed something on my visor liquid spots as if I thought it was raining then I signal genezide to up the PACE, but then hes engine died and pull over to the shoulder.

This was the turn around of the time plan of the ride, a major engine trouble, was foreseen. As I inspect the bike, I saw something weird, oil draining on the drain plug area. He tried to kick but cant move the kick starter, he even jump start the bike, even the rear wheel aint moving when gears engage, and I told him stop, I will inspect. Then I noticed..”WHERE’s the drain PLUG” that’s it. All of the oil of his engine was gone, SEIZING the engine.

The troops get back to look for us, one by one came back. At first I didn’t know theres an internal problem, we tried to pour in another set of oil a HAVOLINE auto oil just to see if we can kick the bike still cant move it, by this time, theres a major problem, we thought of valve hitting the piston, and or theres a piston stuck up, and so since its midnight theres no way to knoe the problem unless we open up the engine block and head and so we did since I have some experience opening up the shogun engine me and chad join hands to open up. We checked valves, OK then we remove the block. There we saw the pistons not freely moving.

It was then the piston pin SEIZE due to lack of oil. IT WAS STUCKED UP. We tried to move it just to make the bike run to the nearest shop afterwards but we cant. Since we are lacking of parts and machineries to do so, they suggest to get back on track push the bike to nearest shop and wait for it to open. I thought pushing the bike will eat up all of our time, I recommend to pull the bike with my bike, and our GUEST Honda rider offered his “NYLON DUYAN” to be the pulling rope and then I pulled the bike up to the san Fernando gapan intersection where leoj suggested. At nearly 5am there we stop tried \knock the shop to open up. Someone came out. At last the caretaker. We were blessed they will open up the shop just for US early.

As they were now fixing the bike it was nearly 7am, it was then the bike needes new piston, rings, and pin but the shop have no stck. Their staff gear up and look for one at some nearby shop and at 8 am the kit was put to the bike. Some of us take a nap. It was tiring. Then as soon as the whole bike was fixed off we go. Genezide forced to pay 2.5k to move on. And so we did.

From there I decided its time to put up my I,provised video coverage, the recorder put to the u-box and camera at the front. The ride was then in full force still I was the sweeper of the pack and as we approach our normal pitstop. I was at the back of the pack and because of the slow pace, I felt sleepy so I up my face overtake them so that they up their pace too so they did. Passing by luisita tarlac area nearing tarlac city there we stop we were so exhausted. Take a break coffee and sandwich that was nearly 11am already.

We didn’t let minutes pass by more on that stop gear up off we go again. We are all hungry for lunch time. We decided to take up the meal at URDANETA pangasinan, still I was so sleepy, again I up the pace conquering the road at nearly almost full throttle overtake here there even the huge VICTORY liner aint gonna stop me from pulling hard the bike to its limit, I was running 120 kph on YUKO mode from time to time just to be there at urdaneta. At last I reached the site, I pulled over rest and at nearly almost 10 mins of waiting, they arrived one by one. we then ate at CHOWKING urdaneta, we were all exhausted.

It was then almost 1 pm already when we ate our lunch. Rest a little then gear up on track. Now I decided to lead the pack. Still I was too sleepy decided to run pull force on track. Until we reached the rosario Y. I didn’t know we were turning left on the junction so they HONK me, I U-turn, I let them go ahead. Now im a sweeper again.

We reached kennon road toll gate. It was 3:30pm, we checked our gas tank, some of us low on fuel so I told them fill up it will be uphill, next gas station will be inside baguio, so 3 of us heads back to fill up. The 4 pm pass by we go. It was a windy road ahead, there was some gravel on track so proceed cautions,

The twisties was fun, from the foot of kennoni document the ride up to lions head with video, we reached the head. Pull over take some snapshots of the group rest a little. Off we go again by then it was 5pm.

At last we reached baguio, we look for house for rent we then met one and tried to see the place, but were not satisfied then we get back on track proceed to THE MANSIONS area to wait someone whom GENEZIDE contacted to seek help. We wait it was then I noticed it was an MCPF former, ( forgot again the name). the group met up with him that was nearly 5:45pm. I asked them we have no time anymore, and that one of our rider NEPOY suggest we stay to the place he contacted before. IT was an Adventist. Lots of BAWAL, no smoking, no liquor. It was then almost 6:30pm we got our rest. Prefare food some of us take a shower. And the day moves on. It was too tiring of our first day. But a least we got our needed rest. Thank God!!!

As they were resting I decided to seek baguio areas, I ask them where I can find PARTAS bus terminal for I have someone coming over through bus then before I found the terminal I got lost inside baguio. Far from where we r resting. At nealy 12 am of the 30th I was at the terminal to fetch ny visitor. Then we get back to look for our resting area. The instinct of mine didn’t stop me from finding the place. It was then the end of a long journey for the day.

November 30,

As sunrise shadowing us. We get up early, still genezide wasn’t contented because of the oil filled on his bike was an AUTOMOBILE one, his bike pulled very poorly on kennon, so he drained it and replaced it with a motorcycle based one. I with leoj long rider took baguio to look for an extra helmet, and passenger pegs. We got to naugillian road, and there I bought one pair of pegs but no helmet available. So we get back decided to look inside SM BAGUIO. From there again almost all of us are together once more, still I was looking for an extra helmet for my passenger then at around 1pm we all get back at the Adventist to take a shower for the first objective. Our guest rider was off before morning struck, we didn’t know where to, so 6 of us gathered for our objective.

THE LOURDES GROTTO, we proceed and nearly 3 pm we got to the grotto, we then climb the 252 steps of the grotto as part of my objective we prayed took some shots, shop at some stalls nearby. Then heads back to burnham park and market, we took the boat ride it was FUN its like an exercise for our tiring ride.

We then proceed to the market for pasalubong shopping. That was 6pm already, after that we got back at the resting place. That was the end of our day at baguio then our guest rider came. Still he wasn’t telling us where he came from. We gathered. Since it was forbidden to drink inside the Adventist compound, we took out the liquor secretly, then drink up. I didn’t noticed what happened next I was asleep by then since I am not drinking hard liquor. Before that we were talking about the highest point ride, but since our time plan wasn’t on our side no longer we decided not to take it. There was once someone nepoy in particular decided we took sagada on this day and stay there until tomorrow. It wasn’t agreed upon due to time. That’s the end of the day

December 1.

Early up some of us still asleep I was once told them I’ll take off at 3 am but because of the climate. “SARAP MATULOG” centralized aircondition all over baguio he he I wake up 6 am. Took breakfast still all of them asleep maybe because of the liquor they take. Then one by one decided to get up maybe because of the noises I am committing, jejeje its like my WAKE UP CALL. They took their breakfast too shower and get ready to take off. AT 8am we go on track. BYE BAGUIO, we then proceed to marcos hi way route to be as safe due to them have heavy belongings KENNON aint good for us. The pacing was good, climate was perfect road conditions downhill with twisties, FUN. I was ahead of the pack conquring the twisties, I didn’t even using engine break since the road conditions was perfect unlike marilaque road here was wide, enough to lean the bike even with backride, genezide was on my tail decided to pull over at one gasoline station on the road. One by one came to a stop took coffee noodles and rest until an Unexpected news came. NEPOY front tire was flat nearly causing him and his backride to spill. Thanks god he controlled the bike perfectly. We then pull out his front tire then proceed to a nearby vulcanizing shop. APOL gave him a ride.

It was then almost 10:30am when we took of at the gasoline station decided to take lunch at urdaneta again. Same place so we did, at around 12:30pm. Getting back home was up pace almost nearly 100kph all the time. Too tiring, I then decided to re up my pace overtook them and waited for them at tarlac tarlac city around 3pm. Then after 30 minutes of waiting one by one came, and told me if I was stop by some LTO official nearby, they were. I am not. They were thankful enough for the officer hospitality letting them thru without penalties since one of our rider had an expired license

We again took the road by this time I decided to be the sweeper, we approach clark area decide to pull over for some picture taking at a park inside clark field. We took the porak dike road, rain shower came on at some point that didn’t continue. Thank god.

It was then 7:30 pm when we reach manila, and from there we took our path way back home safely.

The baguio ride was so successful though partial because we didn’t able to conquer highest point. This time, but hopefully soon and not just 7 riders to conquer it.