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Last Updated: August 13, 2010

Zeus 508w Visor Light

This is my helmet, as you can see the outer edges of the visor emmits blue light without having the entire visor, the visibility was not affected unless your visor have scratches and dents, that the light will penetrate too. Some people think its kind a dangerous to put light that will affect visibilty, but this mode does not as lights will not be focus directly to your eyes unless you concentrate looking at it instead of focusing on the roads.
This mods takes a little time to assemble and make.
You just need
  • two cellphone supebright leds,
  • a length of enamel wire at least number 26AWG, and or any unused earphone wire thats enameled coated.
  • a li-ion battery preferably 4 volts, 
  • a push button tact switch and
  • a know how to solder.
just take out the visor, and put the leds on each two edges.