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Last Updated: August 07, 2013

Universal Battery Charger

Universal battery charger is a type of charger that can be used on almost all possible kind of battery available like SLA (sealed Lead Acid), Lithium-ion (used on laptop batteries), lithium polymer (used on cellphone and small electronic gadget, Ni-cd (nicad) and Ni-Mh (nickel Metal Hydride) batteries used on portable power and hand tools.

It has a settings for all mentioned battery, and adapt to its parameters written on the MCU, like charging current setting, number of cells being charged, charge or discharge selection, temperature compensated that detects if battery is heating up while being charged and, it is all FULLY AUTOMATIC and DISPLAY on the LCD.

 Display of Universal Battery charger showing the battery type on the top right, followed by mode, and top left is the charging current.

battery voltage on bottom right, temperature of battery, and the time the battery is being charged in hours and minutes lapsed.
Want to build this..

READ is all there is


he is the author, i just adopt and use it for my intended application. The unit is not for sale.


Gahtan Gahtan said...

i want to build this circuit, how to build this circuit step by step?
i already look from your source but i don't have idea how to build this circuit step by step because the source not use english language. i hope you could give me step by step this circuit

Thank you and Best regards

Nathaniel Berdan said...

hi and greetings from the philippines. Unfortunately, i cannot be able to help you with it. All files as well as the source code for the microcontroller are all copyrighted and protected. Only on that site you can get what you need even the step by step procedure on how to build. As much as i wanted to help. Limitations and agreement prohibits. This post was only adapted for a completed build. If you can translate the webpage, it is much easier to understand, or u can contact the administrator of that site. :(