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Last Updated: August 02, 2013

Suzuki SHOOTER 115 FI

Follow up post about axelo 125 FI, unfortunately, suzuki ph will be introducing this commuter bike soon. Suzuki Shooter 115 FI, a 115cc underbone motorcycle equipped with fuel injected ignition, and will be first by suzuki to be introduced in the philippines. With the body i think derive from axelo 125, the engine is entirely different design fron their predecessor, smash titan 115cc.

Shooter Suzuki slid in 3 variants, the wheels SR 115 Fi casting and front brake discs, Fi R wheel radius and front disc brakes, and wheel radius Fi and front drum brake.

A view of its crankcase side.

An analog panel (very outdated), hoping for a digital one but with the new engine design, cost cut, they intend to use the analog...

Front view of the front cover with its signal lights module at the side..

For technical specification, follow this blog. up until it have not introduced via suzuki invasion, the specs for philippine model is disclosed.