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Last Updated: May 05, 2013

Programmable DC-CDI test

I was inspired to make and test a programmable cdi on my bench to see how it works realtime. By creating a simulator that will produce both a pulse and the speed of the output, to vary the spark at a certain RPM, we can determine if the cdi under test do have a LIMIT.

(thanks to sir thierry of france with this, he inspired me more to fully understand everything.)

Photo shown is a homemade DC-CDI,  got it from a site, more on that later.


This video is the way to test if it has a limit or not, i have two version of test, one dc-cdi from a kawasaki barako and this programmable cdi with a choice of 2 advance map and an RPM limiter switch.

First test is the programmable cdi below

With the help of a bench pulse simulator that simulates the pick up pulses at certain rpm, we can test how the cdi will spark and at what maximum rpm it can reach, the simulator will be a perfect gadget for testing cdi.

Here with the next video is a test of an OEM kawasaki Barako dc-cdi i opened a long time comparison with the other test of the home made, the oem cannot spark more than 15,ooo rpm and i think that make sense when i used the oem,

The programmable cdi will be plugged on my SUZUKI shogun Pro 125cc very soon to test it onboard the bike, and see how will it perform, I test it before with a different program in it and wont even rev past the 6000 mark, same as when i did bench test it. i also have to configure the right degree of the ignition map of the program.


Vosz#33 said...

Is there any possibility to overide the timing advance and give it a degree or two earlier? At certain rpms?

Edgar said...

How about retarding?

aneka eksperimen said...

nice to know some one can share what they build, specially on electronic. i did build cdi from transmic over a years ago. F628 ver 5 the accuracy is very bad, not stabil on higher rotation. F628 ver 6 is good accuracy but they not release the source file. may i knew the version do you have? thanks

Nathaniel Berdan said...

hi, this is the version of the transmic cdi above

it is a dc-cdi, f628 ver5,6,7 are all ac-cdi..

i am sorry to tell you that ASM file is not available at his site, neither on this site..all of his files are copyright protected..

aneka eksperimen said...

i see, you are build cdi version DC628 ver2. the firmware or hex is the same with AC cdi ver6. (please cek the note :) Caracteristics

Same software as AC-CDI: PIC16F628 v6
For single cyl.
2 advance curves.
No alternator.

but the firmware on DC CDI ver2 : honda s50, XT400 or xt200 just have 1 curve. not 2 curve like the Caracteristics. i already testing on it, with timming light there is no diffrent with curve1 or curve2 but the accuracy AC ver6 or DCver2 (both version have the same firmware/hex) is good accuracy. by the way are you have been build gompy timer (CDI/TCI version) with F628 and adding HV UC3845 (schematic from transmic)?

Nathaniel Berdan said...

hi again, yes i am trying to test the gompy based cdi timer and incorporate such HV converter using the UC3845 but right now. We all know that the Gompy timer can be configured using rs232 to generate the right ignition map for our bike easily but then, i was thinking the other way around...using the gompy timer and incorporate it on my OEM dc-cdi by removing its own MCU and replaces it with gompy timer.

here is the link to it but i stopped testing,

aneka eksperimen said...

yes i can see that. stopped tested for good or stopped test for a while?

Nathaniel Berdan said...

stop test for a while actually, gone into so much pain when our place was flooded by heavy monsoon rains... :( but it will commence soon..i wanted it to work for my 10 year old small motorcycle, to give her at least some lift of power at the top OEm produces too much torque with nothing at the end..

aneka eksperimen said...

oh, so sorry to hear that, i hope everything will be ok. and good luck for your CDI project

Marc McCall said...

I'm looking to build a CDI bench tester like you have. Would you be willing to share ho you built your? I like how it has the RPM on the LCD screen.

Nathaniel Berdan said...

the whole project of the cdi bench tester is derived from

i have no permission to repost it, so better check it. All files and procedures are posted. Thank you

Marc McCall said...

Thanks for the reply Nathaniel. I ended up locating his site late yesterday.

aneka eksperimen said...

about CDI bench tester you may build your own with different way. like i did build same real rotor simulator on couple years ago. and i think this simulator more use full cause you can reading the ignition point, not just your home made CDI or OEM CDI. but i dont have any picture/photo when i build the simulator, but you can see the old video i made. the unit have some rotor and rotating with brushed DC motor, offcourse the speed can be adjust. and i put some timming light to reading the ignition point.

Phan H. Duy Thai said...

hi Nathan,

Did you test your DC-CDI on your Shogun?
I have a question: Let say you CDI can spark past 10000rpm, will the engine rev that fast safely? Or do we have to take some safety measure? For example, do we have to put stronger spring for the valves?


Samim Rahman said...

Hello dear, will you provide any circuit diagram of your this project, it will also help us.
thanks :)