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Last Updated: November 08, 2012

ONE chip spinning POV

I was inspired on a site where they make those spinning POV (persistence of vision)  that scroll text from right to left with just  8 pieces of RGB led. What's good about their version was, few components used.

HERE is a working video of my version.

As of this time, the text scroll too slow, and i am just beginning to configure the RPM of the motor to make it faster.

Some photo of how i made the hobby project.

 materials i made for this HOBBY project. the smd pcb, controller and the smd led.
These are the smd led from a CHINA made led strip. Just needed to resolder this and reuse to my own pcb. I needed to use a low wattage soldering iron around 20 watts, for the first attempt on removing this was terribly difficult, I actually waste 6 pcs of them by to much heat of my first 30 watts soldering around stripping the internal contact of the led to the pins...what a waste, anyway i do manage to salvage at least 8 pieces for this project.

Shown on the right was the populated SMD pcb with led in placed. mount all the parts on the controller board such as 40 pin ic socket, ICSP pin, resistor.

combine the two boards, SMD led board and Resistor board with copper wire strip from a donor telephone wire..

When all board been populated with components, its time to solder the thin wires to their corresponding pins.

All of them are inspired to be made through this link


Thanks to you.