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Last Updated: July 17, 2012

Integrated TAIL/Brake, signal lights

Ever seen a ford expedition with just a full REAR red lights where a signal, tail and brake lights are done by those RED lights. They are called INTEGRATED rear lights and can be done on motorcycles too. Take a look at the video. This was the very first version of my diy works with my bike a long time ago, to where my signal lights tail lights and brake lights are compose with just an array of led at the rear.


I used this circuit posted led-brake-light This will be your TAIL/BRAKE light controller, it needs two of this for left and right led array assembly. to incorporate the SIGNAL lights on this circuit, we have to use two 12 volts miniature relay.

two of this single pole single throw relay will be used to switched the negative line of the led array on the circuit above. The NC or normally closed pins will be used. Look at the modified schematic below.

Cut the negative path of the led array from the driving mosfet and wired it to the normally closed pins of the relay so that when powered on the path of that negative pin of the array is still connected. And when you turn on the signal lights, the relay will be activated thus cutting the line of the led array producing a flashing effect on your integrated rear lights. This circuit by the way will be on all the time, that when you on the ignition switch, your tail light must be on so that the rear signal lights function during day time.

Part list:

D1-D2= 1n4007
ZD1= 15volts /1watt
ZD2= 9-14 volts / 500mw
R1 / R4= 10k ohms
R2 = 1.3 ohms
R3 = 16.1 ohms
R5 = 2.2k ohms
VT1 = 2n3904
VT2 / VT3 = mtp3055e (mosfet)

for signal lights add on

RL1 / RL2 = 12 volts miniature pcb relay