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Last Updated: August 08, 2011

Installing MOTO R analog tachometer

This is the procedure of how to install TYPE R or MOTO R analog tachometer on motorcycles, The photo shown, (disregard the blurred image)
There are 5 wires comig out from this tachometer, namely
1.Green wire
2. Black wire
3. Yellow/black stripe wire

4. Red wire
5. Solid yellow wire

The two wires that is being hold by black tube is for the tachometer backlight numbers 4 and 5.

The other 3 wires left is for the input and the supply of the tacho itself, The GREEN wire (1) sometimes mistaken by others is used mainly by china as GROUND, this is also being used by some scooters made by them..(2) which is BLACK also mistaken as ground is actually the POSITIVE line of this tachometer. (3) is the input of the tachometer...This must be tapped on the primary side of the IGNITION COIL after the CDI output....and not from the secondary side to where your spark plug leads to....


EJ-blog said...

I have a tacho pretty similar to this, wires slightly different colours for the back lights but the others are the same.

Cheers for putting up this pretty clear explanation of what goes where.

Very helpful.

Mara said...

Thanks for wiring info. I had a similar one, and was wondering also why they had a positive lead on a black wire, and negative on green.

Laurent Pastor said...


Thank you very much.