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Last Updated: May 17, 2010

High Power Leds

Power led is the new era of led lighting, both at home and automobile use. They come in a variety of it, from 1 watt up to 20 watts..being 20 watts made by china of course..
Lighting Company is the world's leading manufacturer of high-
power LEDs and a pioneer in the use of LED lighting solutions for everyday, made the so called LUXEON LEDS.

Such application of this leds are seen in flashlights as shown here. They are far better than those of maglite. They are also widely use as an alternative lighting solution to halogen on some mountain bikers worldwide due to their versatility. The only problem enthusiast who uses this kind of leds are the constant current driver itself..unlike those 5mm super bright leds, resistor or linear current regulator is enough for some simple applications, but for some who really want to gain the best of this leds, Constant current led drivers are there to the rescue.
So in order to achieve the very best of this led, a constant current is needed as shown on the left. Efficiency is the key to run it at its rated power. 
Linear regulator can also be used like this one but in expense of wasted power due to heat generated  by the regulator.

The better approach on powering up High Power leds is by using Switching mode constant current regulator. There are lots of them to choose from and it depends on your desired application. From the cheapest MC34063 to LM3406, led lighting has never been the same.


Unknown said...

Pede ko po malaman papano i-compute ang power o watts ng 3.9 ohm resistor sa LM317 LED driver circuit? considering how much is the LED Voltage and ampere? parang maganda at mas madaling gawin ang LM371 kaysa 6 pin IC LED driver.. TIA.

Edgardo M. Diolola