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Last Updated: April 30, 2010

Kymco Like 125

Kymco have a host of new scooter models ready for launch in 2010. The first scooter is the Like, available in both 50 cc 4 stroke and a larger capacity 125.  The Like would have to be one of the most highly anticipated models to come out of Taiwan from the Kymco brand


The big feature on the Kymco Like is the style. Very classic whilst still being individual to a point. The lines are clean cut and it looks somewhere in between that Vespa and Lambretta look. Kymco have taken maybe what they thought to be the best of both and moulded them into one neat package. From the chrome surrounds on the headlight and fairing, the even larger rear tail-light or even the long vented elongated panels down the side, the Like just has a nice non offensive coolness about it.

Kymco have thought long and hard about this model, practicality reigns supreme and a whole host of ideas have made there way to the production line. First up lets look at the host of storage options on the Kymco Like. We have a colour coded top box standard that uses the same key as the ignition, a full face helmet will fit in here no problems at all. Under the seat is half helmet territory, though we do have two helmet hooks if required. You open the seat via a lock on the side panel, again same key. A flat floor with bag hook just in-case your carrying more then you anticipated. Finally we have plenty of room in the large glove-box which also features a handy 12 volt charger. Nice touch is the clear plastic strip that stops articles from falling forward once the glove-box is opened.

The dash is keeping in theme. Very classic and very analogue apart from the small digital clock. Just fuel and speed but really what more is required. Switchgear looks and works a treat and its all pretty much standard affair. Lights have their own separate switch to turn on and off. Nice feature on all Taiwanese scooters is the audible blinker indicator, a small warning for when you leave the blinkers on.

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On the Road

It makes my job pretty easy when a new scooter backs up features with on the road substance.

The Kymco Like takes up the riding position of most classics. Comfortable and upright, and nice and low to the ground. The seat is broad and wide, the bars angling back for a short reach. The handgrips a nice and thin and its all very compact and neat. The front does angle back which may impede the knees of the really tall, for me and the majority, no problems at all. The seat is long and flat and doesn't lock you into place so its nice to be able to move around and find your own comfort zone.

The Like is not small. So you do feel you have a great deal of scooter around you. The front end is wide and angled back so protection from the elements seems a little better then normal for some reason.

The motor kicks into life easily, its fairly quite. Acceleration and performance are pretty much on par with the competition and your daily commute wont find any boundaries. Smooth and fairly brisk away from standstill you wont have any trouble at all keeping up with fast moving traffic. When it comes to light motorway applications our test bike, although only having under 100 km's on the odometer, still managed 100 km/h. Comfortable cruising is 90 km/h and the engine/transmission seems tuned to cater for this.

The suspension is oddly very firm. Cornering is sharp and this is all enhanced by the 12 inch wheel combination. The chassis certainly keeps up with the performance output of the engine. The Like is extremely dynamic on high speed smooth surfaces but can crash a little over slow bumpy stuff.  But that's the trade off in getting the Like extremely focused on the job at hand. The Kymco engineers build good handling scooters and the Like is no exception.

more picture of this retro style scooter from kymco